Looking for a new trailer for your boat or PWC!
Geelong Marine World has the leading brands in the industry and we can custom build a trailer to suit your needs!


Established in 1969, Dunbier Marine Products has been manufacturing boat trailers for all types of Australian Boaties for over 50 years, building its reputation on quality, strength and reliability.


With the trailer as a starting point, Towrex Trailers want to solve all sorts of transportation tasks. From dirt roads and freeway debris to potholes, wide kerbs and rough ramps, life for a trailer can be complete torture. It’s why we are so committed to build the strongest, most durable and smoothest travelling custom trailers on the road.


Australia’s premier boat trailer designer & manufacturer. We build boat trailers for all types of boats – aluminium, fibreglass,ski boats yachts, personal watercraft and trailer sailors.. Mackay also builds custom trailers for many other applications including carrying of row shells, kayaks and plant and machinery.

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