Our Mechanical Services are second to none! We have Bellarine Peninsula’s largest marine dedicated workshop.

Our marine technicians are fully qualified and factory trained in the servicing and repairs of any and all outboard or inboard, petrol or diesel motors, it’s not an issue at Geelong Marine World!

Servicing stern drives, sail drives, transmissions, engine repowering, battery maintenance and complicated electrical repairs and installations are just the beginning.

Our Shipwright services include:

  • Restorations and fit outs
  • Modifications
  • Bow/stern thruster installs
  • Skin fittings replacement/installations
  • Sh Hereaft and rudder repairs
  • Toilet repairs
  • Stainless steel repairs and fabrication
Commercial Service

Our service technicians are available with a fully equipped, on-site service van with latest diagnostics & Genuine Parts available for personal and commercial customers, we Also have a tilt tray with crane available for those tough jobs (Victoria wide)

Keep it Real

Periodic maintenance and the replacement of consumable parts and oil/chemicals are key for you to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience with your Suzuki for many years to come. Consumable parts range from oil filters to air filters, brake pads and oil/chemicals. Suzuki recommends genuine parts. They’re designed for Suzuki and are fully tested to maximise performance and service life. Authorised Suzuki dealers will be pleased to help you with Suzuki service. With their expertise and experience, Suzuki dealers can offer you the best service to ensure a safe and comfortable boating experience.

What are Suzuki Genuine Parts?

Every Suzuki Product is built with Suzuki Genuine Parts. They have the optimal design and specification tailored for the specific product and model. Every part has passed Suzuki’s rigorous test standards for performance, quality, durability, safety, and comfort. 

We recommend that you choose Suzuki Genuine Parts when you need to repair your Suzuki or replace consumable parts such as filters, belts, etc. 

Each genuine part is the perfect match for your Suzuki Product.

By choosing Suzuki Genuine Parts and service, you can maintain your Suzuki in top condition

Suzuki Genuine Parts

  • Are tested and guaranteed by Suzuki.
  • Meet rigorous levels of standards for performance, quality, durability, etc., 
  • set by Suzuki.
  • Are used when Suzuki vehicles are manufactured at Suzuki factories.
  • Are available at all authorised Suzuki dealers, which offer Suzuki service.
  • Are to maximise the potential of your Suzuki.


Periodic maintenance is vital to keep your Suzuki in top condition for your safety and comfortable boating

Consumable parts begin to wear, and oil/chemicals reduce their efficacy over time. You can have peace of mind with your Suzuki if you maintain it according to Suzuki Periodic Maintenance Schedule, for example, by having periodic engine oil and engine oil filter and gear oil changes and spark plug inspection at designated times. Periodic maintenance helps to ensure safety, reliability, comfort, and optimal performance of your Suzuki.

This saves your money in the long run and avoids major and costly problems. Periodic maintenance also enhances the resale value of your outboard motor. Suzuki recommends genuine parts when you replace any of the parts of your Suzuki during maintenance or repair. Genuine parts will keep your outboard motor running at its best. 

Maintenance schedule is explained in your owner’s manual. Also, authorised Suzuki dealers, who specialise in Suzuki Products, will be pleased to help you. They will inspect your outboard motor, advise you its current condition and recommend the best solution.


Performing regular servicing and inspections before each use is instrumental in ensuring your outboard’s overall performance is maintained and remains safe to use. Contact your authorised Suzuki Marine service dealer if you become aware of any abnormality with your outboard motor. Wash the exterior body and flush the cooling water passage on your outboard motor with fresh water after each use.

Fuel System

Fuel can start to deteriorate after just a few months resulting in difficult starting and poor engine performance. Ensure that only fresh fuel purchased from reputable service station is used.  

Fuel filter

Clean and replace the fuel filter periodically. 

Engine oil

Engine oil quality highly affects the engine life. Check quantity and dirtiness of the engine oil before starting the engine. Replace the engine oil at initial 20 hours, then every 100 hours or once a year with Genuine Suzuki Oil. 

Engine oil Filter

Replace the engine oil filter after 20 hours, then once a year. 

Gear oil

Replace gear oil after 20 hours, then every 100 hours or once a year. Whenever replacing gear oil, replace gaskets of oil level plug and drain plug with new ones. 

Cooling water

Check if cooling water is coming out through the pilot water inspection hole properly. 


Check the wires if they are connected securely to the battery terminals. 


Check the condition of your propeller regularly to ensure it is free of fishing lines, burrs, dents or sharp edges.

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Trailer Service and Repair

At Geelong Marine World we have a dedicated department to do your Trailer Service, Modification, Retro-fitting or custom build a trailer for your boat or PWC.

If your trailer needs some work – stop putting it off as it is crucial for your safety, and long term damage to your boat. We can also do throughout rust removal and  Re-galvanize your trailer for further protection!

Breaks, hubs, bearings and plenty pther part available in our shop!

Fully Insured Vessel Transport


24/7 Emergency Towing and Interstate Deliveries

Contact us on 03 5248 1752 or email us at


Boat antifoul, also known as antifouling paint or bottom paint, is a specialized coating applied to the hulls of boats and other watercraft to prevent the accumulation of marine organisms and biofouling. Biofouling refers to the growth of algae, barnacles, mollusks, and other aquatic organisms on the underwater surfaces of a vessel. These organisms can attach themselves to the hull and create drag, reducing a boat’s speed and fuel efficiency.

Key characteristics and features of boat antifoul include:

  1. Biofouling Prevention: Boat antifoul is formulated with special chemicals that deter the attachment and growth of marine organisms on the hull. This helps prevent the accumulation of barnacles, algae, mussels, and other organisms that can negatively impact a boat’s performance.

  2. Improved Efficiency: By reducing the buildup of biofouling, antifouling paint helps maintain a smooth and clean hull surface, which improves hydrodynamics. This, in turn, enhances the boat’s speed and fuel efficiency.

  3. Long-Lasting Protection: Most boat antifoul coatings are designed to provide protection for extended periods, typically one to three years, depending on the type and quality of the paint used.

  4. Environmentally Friendly Options: In recent years, there has been a focus on developing environmentally friendly antifouling paints that minimize the release of harmful chemicals into the water. These paints use alternative methods, such as copper-free formulations or silicone-based coatings, to achieve their antifouling properties.

  5. Compatibility: Boat owners must choose antifoul paint that is compatible with their boat’s hull material (e.g., fiberglass, wood, aluminum) and intended use (e.g., freshwater or saltwater). There are specific formulations for different applications.

  6. Application Process: Applying boat antifoul typically involves cleaning and preparing the hull, applying multiple coats of the paint, and allowing it to dry thoroughly before launching the boat. Proper application is essential for effective protection.

  7. Regular Maintenance: Over time, the effectiveness of antifoul paint may diminish, so regular inspections and, if necessary, recoating are essential to maintain protection.