Fishing Report From 18th Dec 2022

Here are our December 18th fishing reports brought to you by our community

The weather was not really playing the game, but even it was a bit windy out there few people did get out and enjoy a nice fishing session. Brett Reed who is well known in fishing community did get out quiet few times last week targeting snapper with friends. After a big chat he told us that there is quiet a bit of fish out there atm and looks like is going to be a “cracker season”. The key is to scan around and find the fish. Some days fish are in shallows and the very next day you find then in 20m line.

Another key factor is to mix your bait. Some days they will go for pilchard, next day silver whiting only, and there are days when they would only take squid. You just need to be ready and have bit of everything available.

One more thing that it is happening this year, we are getting more fish on paternoster type rig then on usual Port Phillip double snell unwheighted rigs. The Reedy’s scallop (orange color) rig has been a winner for most people. Loaded with Silver Whiting head, somehow, works best for bigger fish. Brett did a video on “how to catch snapper” on his Youtube Channel and it is worth having a closer look on the method that he uses with great success.

There are lots of pinky’s around, but, some nice fish to 10kg between them. You need to be persistent, and, of course you need to put some time in it.

It does not matter if is Port Phillip, Westernport or offshore, snapper is definitely “ON”. This big fish took a KGW head on paternoster rig.

Few of Brett’s friends also successfull

Brett friend Possom was on nice fish as well. He fished Westernport on many occasions and this time was not different. Plenty snapper around and patience is the key here. Again Reedy’s scallop rig was the go to rig, and here you do need a big sinker as the current is very strong.

It is good to see lots of women involve in fishing, but it is always impressive to see Izzy’s catch. Izzy loves spending time on the water fishing, and many times she gets awarded with a trophy fish like this snapper that was 300g short of 10kg. Amazing result and congratulations from us!

Another crew to follow is the boys – Dave and Adrian from Wind Against The Tide. Look them up on Facebook, Youtube and find they Podcast as they are doing amazing job.

In this occasion Adrian fished Offshore and this picture tells the story. WELL DONE!

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