Fishing Report Dec 13 by Geelong Marine World

Here are our December 13th fishing reports brought to you by our community

On a pointer from my friend Brett Reed Saturday morning we went east.
We left Werribee early and it was a bit of “OLE” all the way there. Waves where breaking heavy as there was East wind, but slowly, after around hour and a half, we managed to get in the Mornington area. With us was our friend Tass Nidis and along us was Michael Ivas in his Stabycraft.
As we got there we started scanning around and found some arches. We anchored in 18m and Tas started with some small pinky’s and lots of undersized flatty’s. Then the rod loaded with Reedy’s scallop rig took off. Silver whiting head was the key on this rigs. Tas managed to land this 3-4kg fish and he was over the moon.
After that Mima followed with another fish that took the same rig. This time she had a flatty as well on the bottom hook.
In meantime Michael lost a nice fish as he got bitten off, but no long after he managed to land one.
Then on a light Lox rod that Mima was fishing with for small pinky’s, gets a surprise. This was the biggest fish of the day and after about 15minutes in she was saying her arm hurts. I said “if you want I’ll take over” and the answer was “NO”. About 20minutes later we landed this nice fish.
After we went to mud island, but only few gurnards and undersized flatty’s. We finihsed the day at Portarlington by getting some squid and KGW. Saying that, we did catch over 40KGW’s but only couple keepers.
All in all long day out, but a really great day out considering that the weather allow us to be there.
PS: As per Happy Fisherman Adventures – we had our 50th episode played last night and it will repeat Tomorrow night at 10pm and then it will be replays Saturday 7pm until second week of January. In meantime we will be still posting here and you can see our nw adventures on our Happy Fisherman Youtube channel.

David Cussan chasing scallops

On this occassion David Cussan was out on east side of  Mud Island diving for scallops. They managed quiet few in about 9m depth. David normally comes from Warneet and fish for KGW at St Leonards, but in this occassion he decided to try his luck getting scallops. Well done!

Ray Aqua

Report received from Ray Aqua:

Hello Tibby Hope, In the last couple of weeks we have done three trips One to old port channel for two snapper north about 5.5 kilo Then last Saturday we fished mount Martha We did we’ll biggest only 3.5 Yesterday fished indented heads for whiting Started near Prince George Only a few fish so we kept moving in closer Final move was near the cardinal markets We fished into the dark Once dark it was caos Fish a cast Finished with full bag out but all good fish up to 40 and some bigger Thanks

Brett Reed fishing Western Port

Brett Reed fished Saturday the Western Port and managed nice snapper to 6kg and KGW’s to 46cm. WesternPort has been consistant for Brett since September, and on this trip his done it again. Best bait for KGW where Pippies and snapper was landed on whiting heads.

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