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Here are our latest fishing reports brought to you by our community

After a successful squid session, just before the sunset, the next stop was Old Steampack channel at Portarlington. Target here this time was snapper. 
To start with, lot and lots of small undersized pinky’s, but, in between few keepers. Around 9pm, one rod got smashed by a decent size fish. It was a very light rod and the rig on it it was set for King George Whiting so they had to take time to land this fish. After good 5 minutes they managed a nice snapper that was just over 2kg.

Last Friday after work our staff members Lenny and Tibby when out from Point Richards to water test the new installed Suzuki DF200 on Happy Fisherman’s Boat. After successful test they ended up doing some fishing around the Portarlington area. First stop was shallows towards Clifton Springs targeting squid. The quickly managed few dozen squid and the main JIg was Shimano Clinch “Rattle” in Banana Color.

Father and Son quality time on water

On this occassion Tibby had Thomas and little Luca on board chasing snapper. Well, that was the plan but no snapper around so they had plan “B”. Squid and KGW. Saying that, liuttle champ managed a nice flathead over 50cm just around the wreck area out from Indented Heads.

The squid and KGW was targeted in betweenPoint Richards and Clifton Springs. Lots of squid in that area as long as you drift on top of grass area. The edge of grass area contained some nice KGW. Best bait for KGW was a squid and pippies cocktail.

Finally a nice snapper!

After few attempts – The Old Channel deliver a nice snapper. You do have to put up with lots of small undersized pinky’s but sometimes you do get awarded with a nice fish. This snapper was cought on a Reedy’s Scallop rig loaded with silver withing. It was late afternoon¬† just before sunset.

Saying that, still plenty KGW around Clifton Springs – Portarlington area!

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