Fishing Report – 16th of January 2023

Here are our January 16th fishing reports brought to you by our community

Considering the amount of boats, jet skis and swimmers all around the bay, fishing has been a bit of hard work. You need to go scan around, try to find the fish and then try to catch them.

Well we did go to Mud Island area and after hours of fishing, catching all sort of unwanted species we managed a gummy shark. We had fresh salmon and fresh wrasse for bait and that did make the difference. Saying that, banjos, skates and Port Jackson sharks love the fresh bait, so , you just need to put up with them.

What was good to see is the amount of Yakka, slimy mackerel and garfish that came in the bay lately. Saying that, all around the mud island we seen some big Bronze Whaler sharks. At this time of the year they do come there to have they pups, so if you think about swimming in shallows in that area think twice.

If you after fresh bait, or if you like eating slimy mackerel, Mud Island is the go.

Most of us go to Mud Island chasing Gummy but in shallow all around the island you can get some quality fish like King George Whiting. Outgoing tide is where we had the most success and pippiues where the best bait.

Also, this time of the year squid is very quiet in all our major target spots, so Mud Island is the go. 2-6 meter depth, anywhere where you find some grass patches, will produce the goods.


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